Green Mountain Arabica Coffee Ltd (GMAC), was incorporated in 2012 by a young lady  “NIYONSABA Jeanne” at the start in 2012 the company was dealing with low grades of coffee producers and exporting them.

The inspiration of Jeanne was to work harder such that she be able to construct  her own coffee washing-station and have her own coffee plantation, she also wanted her company to grow bigger and be able to support women farmers because she had seen women working harder in the coffee farms but they were not profiting from coffee as their husbands.

NIYONSABA Jeanne-Founder and Chairperson Of Board Of Members at GMAC

It is in 2017 that her first achievement as hit,Jeanne used the accumulated profit and purchased the COFFEE WASHING STATION located in Eastern Province of RWANDA, Rwamagana District, Karenge Sector. 

That station was sarrounded by 12,000 mature coffee plants purchased together together with the coffee washing station. At this time the business of jeanne was grown bigger and has prospective growth, to reinforce the management and strategize for better future, Jeanne brought her husband to  strengthen the management team,from then RUKAKA Steven become the Managing Director while Jeanne continued to heads as Chairperson of Board of the directors.

RUKAKA Steven-Managing Director At GMAC

From then the couple worked harder to increase the numberof farmers parteners up 1200 coffee farmers Rain Forest Alliance certifed.these farmers include an association of 156 women coffee farmers, an association that Jeanne funded to support the women coffee farmers, and another association of young farmers   funded to make younger generation like coffee because young people don’t have same conviction on coffee fariming compared to older people.

Actually the company is reallising a turnover of 800,000 USD with the team of 12 permanent staff and 250 casual labours from which 90% are women. the company is actually producing fully washed coffees and  other coffees speciality coffees(Honey Coffee, Natural Coffee, Natural Coffees, Anaerobic Coffees,…)


Our mission is to produce coffee of high quality; best suits for the consumer's needs, meaning that our coffee is one of the best Choice Corp. Keeping our employees healthy, fit and happy. Promoting the production and processing of specialty coffee in Eastern part of Rwanda, region, worldwide. Training our farmers program to improve coffee farming practices and staff training program to improve coffee processing quality in order to access better market.


To become a leading company in coffee production, processing and export coffee in Rwanda.


Is the quality of having strong ethical or moral principles and following them at all times, no matter who is watching. A person with integrity acts with honesty, honor, and truthfulness.
Is the quality of a person that inspires reliability. A person can be known for trustworthiness in keeping promises.
Is the quality of a person who understands and accepts the consequences of his actions for the areas in which he assumes responsibility. When roles are clear and people are held accountable, work gets done efficiently and effectively.
Risk taking:
Is the quality of a person who is willing to do things that involve risks in order to achieve a goal.
Is the quality of person who has an idea that can be transformed into practical reality. For a company, it is a product, process, or business concept, or combinations that can be activated in the market place and produce new profit and growth.
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