Green Mountain Arabica Coffee

Green Mountain Arabica Coffee produces the best coffee that gives consumer the best Aroma

The Aroma of Your Day

From green coffee to the fresh roasted sorts of craft bean give the great taste of all


Producing best Arabica coffee

Green Mountain Arabica coffee is the leading arabica production and processing company located in Rwanda.
Grown at altitude between 1500 and 1750 m, with rainfall averages between 1500 to 1600mm and the temperature ranges between 18 to 22° C, with a soil acidity between 4.5 to 6. It is a perfect condition to the Arabica coffee




When its times for selecting the best coffee that adds an extra feels good of taste in every cup, GMAC Coffee is your best top choice

in Every Cup

Cup of our coffee is the perfect way to enjoy and experience the abundance of flavor in our premium coffee in the comfort of your home or office

  • Pure Grades High rated Coffee, well-treated
  • Wide Assortment Wide Assortment
  • Proper Roasting Well roasted coffee beans gives flavors
  • High Quality High quality and well preparation gives standard coffee
  • Excellent Grinding Coffee beans are known for its excellent grinding
  • Awesome Aroma Excellent and well deserved aroma are found in our coffee

How we Prepare our Beans

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Selected Varieties


Hectares of Plantations


Coffee Pickers


Consumer Countries

our coffee

Our popular product

  • Ntwali coffee

    Ntwali coffee ranked the top of the coffee in the country and in the continent, roasted and well treated and gives good extra feeling when consumed.

    • Pure Grade
    • Amazing Vanilla Aroma
    • Strong Roasting
    • Ultra Grinding
    $12.90 Read moreMore Info
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