We’re In Top 40 in the Best of Rwanda Specialty Coffee 2024!

We are excited to announce that our coffee has made it to the top 40 in the “Best of Rwanda Specialty Coffee 2024” competition! This recognition reflects the dedication and hard work we put into every bean we produce.

The Journey So Far

Best Of Rwanda is an annual specialty coffee competition and auction showcasing the country’s finest coffee. Despite the challenges posed by climate change and market volatility, our smallholder farmers have consistently produced exceptional coffee using good agricultural practices. Our inclusion in the top 40 is a significant achievement, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence.

What’s Next?

We are now eagerly awaiting the final round, where the top 10 best coffees will be selected. This final stage will be an intense competition, bringing together the finest coffee producers from Rwanda.

Our Commitment to Excellence

As we move forward, our focus remains on maintaining the highest standards in our coffee production. Every cup of our coffee is a blend of meticulous care, innovative practices, and a deep respect for the art of coffee making.

Thank You for Your Support

We extend our gratitude to our supporters, partners, and the coffee-loving community. Your encouragement has been a driving force behind our success. We are proud to represent Rwanda on this prestigious platform and are committed to bringing the best coffee experience to our consumers.

Stay tuned for more updates as we await the final results. Join us in celebrating and exploring the best coffee Rwanda has to offer!

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